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  2005.12.24  09.23

I turned 19 today. I MUST do as many things as possible before I turn 20 next year.

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  2005.05.28  22.10
anybody home?

Hey .. I decided to join this community because I'll be turning 19 on June 11th which is coming up. Is the community active? I hope so, because I was looking to meet some new friends. :)


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  2005.04.28  15.56
deep souls wanted



  2005.04.19  20.05
Free Money

If this isn't allowed, the mod can delete but I just figured this would be beneficial to anyone no matter what community it is.

In order to steal competition away from paypal, a website called greenzap is opening in june and giving away free $25 to anyone who preregisters. All you have to do is sign-up (the only information you're required to give is your name, email, and address) and they put an automatic $25 in your account. Then, just like paypal, you can either transfer the $25 into your bank account or use it to buy things online.

the website is: www.greenzap.com/stinam81 

The promotion code is "stinam81"

Also, realize that your $25 is not available to you until June, but free money is still free money.



  2005.03.29  01.25

I turned 19 last month. I think. No, this month. Time. Who gives a shit?
I didn't waste my teenage years. I couldn't have done anything with them, even living somewhere not too bad, just plain boring useless, people's idea of fun is nauseating...but they are gona now. GONE. Why am I so disgusted at the melodrama? It is a fucking tragedy. You will never be so free again, never be so illogically horny again, never have bundles of energy for no reason every now and again. I blame popular culture for this robbery.


  2005.01.12  15.02

yay i turn 19 on monday..... someone sing happy birthday :) j/k... hope to talk to you all soon.


  2005.01.04  17.41
happy new year!

hey happy new year everyone! being 20 isnt so bad, but i do miss being 19. my younger sisters wont play with me bc im too old they say :( how is everyone?


  2004.12.13  17.55
i'm loving it!

My name is linda and i'm 19. i'm turning 20 in june. it's kinnda odd. i'm not going to be a teen anymore. i feel old. i always thought 20 was old. lol. i'm currentely a soph. graphic design student at NSU. i'm loving 19. life is good i can't complain!

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  2004.11.25  13.58

there is this really, really sad song "You can't be twenty, on sugar mountain" ... i don't remember most of the rest of the words and i don't know who sings it (but he has the saddest voice!) ... i heard it once on the radio while i was in the parking lot of my drunk-driving school! ... anyway, it has haunted me forever since ...

Mood: depressed

  2004.11.01  01.00

im no longer 19, as of 10/27
i miss it already


  2004.09.11  13.03

Hey I'm 19 (of course) and I simply love college! I go to Eastern Kentucky University...College has been the best thing for me....I've been 19 for less than half a year...I think it's endearing....been noticing I've been reminiscing alot! maybe because I'm almost no longer a teen!...adulthood here I come!


  2004.09.02  04.42

Hi I am new her and of course I am 19. I am in college and loving it. The hardest part about growing up is making the life changing decisions that will effect your life forever. I am only 19 and everyone expect me to know what I want in life. I have some idea but not really sure. My teenage life is going to end June of next year so I think that I am gonna spend all the time I can partying and having fun!

I'm Outie

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  2004.08.15  02.33

this community suits me perfectly! :)


  2004.08.12  02.22

hey im new here! my name is samantha and im 19, yay!
at first i didnt want to stop being 18 (you know like in that brand new song) but as all my friends turn 20 and older.. i realize that i dont want to grow up. i love being a teenager. we are responsible for ourselves but yet not really. we still can have fun and do stupid things and shit like taht..19 always and forever


  2004.08.11  23.21

Hey, i'm one of the Campus Managers for studentcity.com spring break trips. If you're planning on going on spring break next year, and you're interested in going with some celebrities, studentcity is where it's at! Email me if you want more info on how to go for free AND VIP!


Thanks guys!


  2004.08.10  23.30

 do you love anything pink?Collapse )


  2004.07.25  12.47
19 forever

Hey Im Holly Ava's twin frm below she wrote!! Well im almost 19 in exactly a week!! WOOOHOOO im almost 19 well then almost 20! ahahha Well i like the same bands as av but except for i dont know who travis and mooney are well more time in life to find out who they are! My birthday Is July 25th 12:40 am i am born 5 minutes before Ava IM OLDER! She hates when i say that! ahhah I like to play soccer and chearlead and dance! I like to be more fun hyper and WITTY! Ava just is Ava Im out there well PEACE OUT DOOGGY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya alll tho i dont know ya

Mood: ditzy

  2004.07.25  00.29
19 forever

Hey Im Ava im not 19 but almost! ONE WEEK sadly i dont look the part yet! Well im 19 at heart! I love Rooney, The Strokes, Rolling stones, Travis,Green day, Jet, The Vines, Mooney Suzuki and that wraps it up

Mood: tired

  2004.07.05  03.40

Hi, my name is Fran(butnotreally) and I'm 19...

uhhh. I don't like that about me. Which is why I probably shouldn't post here. but. I was wondering...have most people moved out by the time they reach 19?

I'd like to move out. But I don't know that many people, so I wouldnt know how to do that. Uhh I need that job first anyway...

nineteen confuses me. but I dont want to turn 20. unnnhmoan. hi!


  2004.05.28  02.52

I just turned 19 in march.

i think 19 means a lot. not only are you finally reaching the end of adolence, but it's also when you go to college, when you find the ONE, or when you learn so much about yourself.

19 is the age that everyone overlooks, but no one forgets.

It's an age of experimentation, and fucking up.

that's why it's great.


  2004.01.14  22.24

Hello, I see no one's written in this community for awhile so I figured, why not me? I'm a new nineteen year old though I look like I'm fourteen and am about ten in my heart. I'm a firm believer that age is just a number, and you should never think you are too old do things you love to do (For example, my nineteen years have never prevented me from going on playground swings or sleeping with a teddy bear! :P) BUT I also believe in love and have been in love and had my heart broken so I'm sometimes not as young at heart as I'd like to be. All right I'm just rambling on and on so...happy birthday to me!

Mood: crazy

  2003.07.04  21.44

Are you a hot teen between the ages of 13-19? If so, check out nonuglyteens! We're waitin' for you!


  2003.03.25  21.54

Hi, I'm Michelle.. I'm 19, though I'll be 20 in September. To be honest, my teenage years weren't really the best years I had. I was an uber dork in high school, and I'm still pretty damn dorky, though slightly better than when in high school.

Nonetheless, I feel like when I turn twenty, I'm going to be losing a good thing. The word "teen" holds a youthful feeling, I think. I don't know what the deal is. But here I am because I thought the whole theme of this journal would fit me. So, yeah, hello.

And goodbye.. for now.


  2003.03.20  22.21

Hey, looking for a place where u can complain and mope about all your relationship problems? (Boy problems, pregnancy, someone ditching u, falling in love with 2 people at the same time, or just talking about cute guys and girls ;) etc) Then join teenscene at http://www.livejournal.com/community/teenscene
Its a relatively new community and most of the entries and friends only but u get LOTS of comments each time u post so join the community and join in the fun!


  2003.03.12  17.15

in a month and twelve days, i won't be nineteen anymore! :-/


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