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Hi, I'm Michelle.. I'm 19, though I'll be 20 in September. To be honest, my teenage years weren't really the best years I had. I was an uber dork in high school, and I'm still pretty damn dorky, though slightly better than when in high school.

Nonetheless, I feel like when I turn twenty, I'm going to be losing a good thing. The word "teen" holds a youthful feeling, I think. I don't know what the deal is. But here I am because I thought the whole theme of this journal would fit me. So, yeah, hello.

And goodbye.. for now.
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hellooo. we share the common interest of random comments, which is fitting i guess since i dont know you. i was just wondering if you have/ know someone who has a code. post it on my journal if you do, and thank you kindly.
i have no comment on the things you said im more concerned why you put skateboarding as an intrest do you skate? alot of people have a misconception about it. i dont know im bored. ive been skating for seven years and every time i introduce new friends into skateboarding who only like it in abstract form hate it. well hopefully this upsets you so your write back and ill fell special. i dont mean to be condensending. i cant spell.